Recording Your Own Songs At Home For Beginners (Complete Walkthrough!)

music production tips for beginners

So you've been writing songs and making music. Which is AWESOME (so go you!). But up until this point maybe you've been keeping track of all your ideas and sketches in your phone. You've got voice notes and videos begging to be turned into something. But HOW do they leave your phone and get into your computer to enhance them? Where do you start?

Well, you've got to start getting high quality recordings of what you've been writing! This is not as overwhelming as it may sound, I promise. In fact, with all the affordable and approachable tools out there now, this once intimidating process now becomes simple and speedy.

I called today's training a "walkthrough" for a reason... it gets super practical with a hands on approach to home recording. Heck, at one point I even grabbed a guitar and recorded a bit of an impromptu song, just to show you there's nothing to fear!

So if you've been nervous about recording or equipment and all that goes into it, my goal with this video was to be your one stop shop for getting started.

In today's training you'll learn about:

  • The Great War: Analog vs Digital
  • Complete home recording layouts (how "this" plugs into "that"... and why)
  • A workflow to start turning ideas from your phone into songs on your computer
  • A live demonstration of me recording a song (made it up on the spot!)


– Nathan

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