Jaycen Joshua The God Particle Review (THE home studio plugin!)

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Jaycen Joshua has released The God Particle plugin! A loyal tribe of mixing engineers, songwriters and producers have been anxiously awaiting for this revolutionary cradle audio plugin to drop. Why? Because the god particle plugin underwent thousands of hours in the lab with over 4 years of tweaking for one epic goal: to completely replace every aspect of Jaycen's analog workflow. Meaning, combing multiple pieces of analog gear and hardware into a single digital plugin capable of standing alone on the master bus. And according to Cradle Audio, Jaycen Joshua has been solely using the god particle plugin on every one of his mixes since 2021... and now everyone has access to it!?

*The God Particle is available HERE

If you're unfamiliar with Jaycen Joshua, he's a renowned mixing engineer. Arguably, one of the greatest of all time– a true GOAT as many call him. His credits are almost endless, his sonics are all over top radio, and his grammy awards could fill multiple shelves. However, the thing most striking to me is his generosity. In a traditionally very closed off world of mixing engineering, songwriting and producing, Jaycen Joshua is very opened handed with his techniques. He just gives away his "secret sauces" publicly on social media or through an incredibly affordable price point. Perhaps this instinct was nurtured by his mentor, Dave Pensado (another legend of legends known for his generosity and open handed teaching). Like a lot of other musical creatives, I have been on the receiving end of Jaycen and Dave's free teaching and game giving. I've had my mixing questions personally answered by Jaycen through comments on instagram. I had the rare opportunity to be virtually mentored by Jaycen's apprentice, Maddox Chhim, when he opened his "School of Sonics" online. If Dave is Yoda and Jaycen is Obi-Wan, then Maddox is Anakin (you know, before he slipped and turned to the dark side).

All this to say, I have no doubts about the performance of this new plugin. Not just because the credibility is there, but because generosity has always lead the way for this Jedi Council. If you're a home studio song-maker, I totally recommend this plugin. And at this price point, you're effectively getting 7 plugins for the price of one very affordable one.

Let's dive in!

– Nathan


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