How To Come Up With Catchy Melodies For Songs (BEST Technique!)

Learning how to write vocal melody can be a tough part of the songwriting process. Not only do we want to learn how to come up with an original melody, but also how to write GOOD vocal melodies. I have a method to share today, that just might be the ultimate vocal melody hack. I call the technique, "Melody Maximizer." This is something I started doing to come up with melodies for songs a while, and I'm pumped to share this workflow with you in this vocal melody tutorial. As I say in the video, I'm convinced this method will turn you into a human vocal melody generator!

To make a vocal melody for a song, I think it's easiest to write vocal melody over chords. Sometimes melody ideas can just come to you on their own, but often it's easiest to "draw them out" with some music already going. So to find vocal melodies quickly, spend your time dialing in an "initial vibe." This is that first piece of music you make, with your instrument or inside a DAW. For the melody maximizer to work its magic, I suggest you really spend time getting some music going that you REALLY dig. Don't rush through this. If the music you have going doesn't really inspire you to write anything... then how are you supposed to make good vocal melodies? It's way easier to write singing melody if what you have to write TO is super dope to you.

I hope this songwriter / producer tutorial is helpful, I tried to pack it full with some of my best vocal melody tips!

– Nathan

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